Resco Suite

Resco Suite 2.11

Six powerful Palm utilities in one


  • Explorer-style file management
  • RSS and Atom reader
  • Neat photo viewer
  • Solid security tools
  • Fun Sudoku games


  • Running all the programs can slow your device down

Very good

I don't know about you, but I've always found that the Palm OS lacks a little in terms of decent built-in tools. Don't get me wrong, I love the platform, but sometimes I hanker for some tools to help me get more from my handheld device.

Fear not though, for Resco has already thought of this, releasing a number of smart apps designed to improve functionality and get better connected. Now the developer has released six of its top programs in one package to help you transform your Palm into an altogether more powerful beast. I'll try and sum up each one as briefly as I can:

Resco Explorer is first up, and provides a Windows Explorer-style file manager for your Palm. As well as a nifty application launcher, you also get built-in Zip functionality and a number of additional helpers.

Next is Resco Backup, an essential piece of kit for anyone worried about data loss. This utility creates backup copies of all the data on your internal memory or external cards. It boasts powerful encryption and a neat Verify function for secure entry.

There's also Resco Photo Viewer for managing all your albums, which supports all the major graphics formats, and Resco IDGuard for protecting confidential information such as passwords, usernames, bank details etc.

RSS functionality is covered by Resco Neeews, which delivers all the latest current affairs to your handheld. Finally, you get Resco Sudoku, a well presented number puzzler for killing time on the bus.

The suite is packaged together well and it's dead easy to launch each program independently and switch between them. Running them all together can put a bit of a strain on your system memory though.

Overall, Resco Suite is a comprehensive package of application that will improve the way you handle information on your device.

The name Resco has always been synonymous with powerful applications thought through into the smallest details. Now you can get the complete product line for an unprecedented price, with this pack that contains six top-notch applications in one package.

The suite contains: Resco Explorer 2007, Resco Backup, Resco Photo Viewer, Resco IDGuard, Resco Neeews and Resco Sudoku. As a result, you can take control of your Palm in an easier and more convenient way than ever before.

Resco Suite


Resco Suite 2.11

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